At Metisentry we solve complex business problems. We build, manage and integrate business
software and hosting systems. Our systems manage workflow and improve the way you do business.


In the world of software and web development, there’s often conflict over who’s responsible for what. We aim to relieve you of this conflict. Our DevOps software development and delivery process emphasizes communication and collaboration between departments. Our team understands and can implement the full stack of IT.

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Since 2006, we’ve been using technology to empower businesses like yours to be efficient and successful. We don’t just execute tactics – we build relationships and help you find solutions.

Flexible, useful solutions for your complex problems. The more complex, the better – it’s where we shine.

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Open Source

We're experts in open source and Linux


We're a resource from infrastructure through
to application

Cloud Hosting

We're a specialized cloud and
hosting provider

Secure Solutions

We offer secure solutions and high-traffic
web expertise

Software as a Service

We're an incubator for SaaS solutions

Application Development

We're SaaS product development experts

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