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Over the years, Metisentry has continued to grow, helping to make us an award-winning company. We have been recognized for:

  • superior growth in sales and employment
  • strength and momentum in the technology field
  • very cool things we have done, and are doing, with technology

All of our accomplishments have been achieved while maintaining our growth and operations in Downtown Akron. As Akron continues to support local businesses, we work to give back to the city. We take part in annual food drives for local charities, and are members of several local chambers and associations. In a continued effort to give back to the city we love, we have been dedicated to helping Akron grow and prosper. We support other local businesses like ourselves and are working to get Akron on the map in a predominantly Cleveland-based technology region.

“We were founded over 10 years ago now, and have been proud to call Akron our home since inception. There are a lot of exciting things happening in the technology space throughout the region, and it’s great to be part of making that happen here in Downtown Akron.” –Marling Engle, Metisentry Founder & CEO.

Being recognized for our technology footprints in Akron would not be possible without our proactive approach and talented team. As a proactive company, Metisentry stays on the cutting edge of technology. Each member of our team lends a unique touch to our overall company. From leadership to programming to project management execution and commitment to customer service, everyone brings valuable skills to the team. This talent gives way to our professional, supportive, and productive environment. We are always looking for ways to offer new products and services to our clients, while strengthening the products and services already available.

At Metisentry, we strive to continue pioneering the growth of technology right here in Akron, Ohio, and are honored to be recognized for our achievements so far. Below are awards we have received over the years for our growth and achievements:


NEO Success Award

NEO Success Awards
2014 Winner

Cascade Capital Corporation Business Growth Awards Honoree


Best of Tech Awards
2016 Finalist – Best Website

2016 weatherhead 100

CLE Tech Awards 2017
Cleveland Technology Awards
2017 Established Tech Firm