Metisentry Acquires WillCo Technologies

Metisentry is pleased to announce the acquisition of WillCo Technologies, a Kansas City, Missouri-based company that serves as the largest credentials management software provider to the US Department of Defense.

Through its IASTAR® (Information Assurance Strategic Tracking & Reporting) Online Software, WillCo Technologies provides service for over 1.5 million users and continues to evolve into other Department of Defense agencies, as well as the public sector.

The United States Army uses a customized version of WillCo’s IASTAR® software – ATCTS, as their sole information assurance (IA) compliance program for the Department of Defense Directive 8570 (DoD 8570).  This technology is used in response to the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). As the needs of information security are continually refined, so is the need to report, analyze, and remain compliant. The updated DoD 8140 and the required training/certifications are being followed by our teams closely, and the software is continually adapted for these new standards.

Metisentry provides a deep expertise in SaaS (Software as a Service) product development, utilizing their advanced capabilities in cloud hosting, DevOps and software development. Regarding the acquisition and new partnership, Metisentry’s CEO, Mike Fischer commented that

WillCo has an excellent growing SaaS product and we know that with the added capabilities at Metisentry, we can take the product, customer service and overall client experience to the next level.

We now have everything under one roof, in terms of the ability to make current and future clients happy.”

Current WillCo Technologies owner, Kevin Williams, will continue working in his role to help further growth initiatives. Williams commented that “Metisentry is a first-class service organization that also has the unique ability to grow SaaS products.  WillCo’s products such as IASTAR® and CyberSTAR™, will get a major boost from Metisentry’s capabilities, as it relates to product enhancement and overall cloud expertise.  We looked long and far for a partner that had the right capabilities to help advance this product.  We are happy to say that Metisentry is the perfect partner for our clients and for the evolution of the product.”

The acquisition became official September 2017.  WillCo Technologies Kansas City office will serve as a new location for Metisentry and all employees will be retained.

IT ExchangeNet, a mid-market IT mergers and acquisition intermediary, facilitated the transaction.