Metisentry and Pantek Merge

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce, Metisentry has merged with Northeast Ohio-based Pantek.

As a leading force in Linux and Open Source Managed Services worldwide, Pantek has been providing tech support and cloud hosting services for the last 20 years. In 2016, Pantek’s acquisition of Pencilneck strengthened their web and software development and consulting offerings.

Metisentry and Pantek merge to create a Linux and Open Source based hosting, consulting & development powerhouse. Bringing these teams together allows for the expansion of full stack knowledge creating an even more robust offering for clients. Not only do these two teams provide similar services but, perhaps even more importantly, we share the same dedication to customer service.

“Pantek brings an unparalleled level of Linux expertise, and Linux systems are the foundation of all the applications and functionality we’re building for our customers. This merge provides a strong base for growth, and a depth that will let us build new and exciting solutions for our customers,”  adds Metisentry Founder, Marling Engle.

What does this mean to our existing clients? We’re significantly increasing our Linux, hosting and virtualization expertise. This expansion will greatly enhance our service offerings. The Metisentry team and processes they’ve come to know and love are all still here for them. Metisentry Founder, Marling Engle, will retain an active leadership role as the merged company’s President and Chief Operating Officer overseeing daily operations, workflow and management.

As for Pantek clients, they will have expanded depth into the development and application integration, on top of the existing high level Linux expertise they’re used to and value. This merger allows for even more capabilities in services they currently have and have been requesting. The Pantek team that they know and love is still here for them, too. Pantek’s leadership team is still in place including Mike Fischer who will retain the role of CEO and Pantek’s Founder, Richard Zack, who will retain the role of CTO.

While the merger was officially effective January 1, 2017, there is much to transition. For the time being, it’s business as usual. There are no immediate changes to company names, brand, payment processing, support requests and the like. This is truly a merger, not an acquisition. Metisentry and Pantek are working together to ensure a seamless merge. The new leadership team will be selecting the best practices among the current services and processes, in order to build upon and maintain the enterprise class service.

We encourage all to stay tuned to the Metisentry website, newsletter, social media pages, invoice inserts and more to receive additional details as they unfold including the new features and benefits that will be available to Metisentry + Pantek clients.

UPDATE: Both teams will now be known as Metisentry.