Metisentry Makes Downtown Beautiful

For the second year in row, Metisentry’s excited to be a part of the Green & Clean effort in Downtown Akron. Celebrating 10 years this year, Green & Clean is a city-wide project focused on making Downtown Akron ‘vibrant and valuable.’ The event encourages businesses, students and community members to form teams and take part in projects around the city.

This year Green and Clean kicked off May 12 and ran through May 26. Volunteers had the option to sign up for shifts or submit their own project ideas. Projects typically include litter clean-up, painting, weeding and gardening. Many projects this year focused on area parks including Commerce Park. Not only do our offices overlook Commerce Park, the annual Nantucket Summer Concert series Metisentry sponsors is hosted there.

2017 Metisentry 2017 Green & Clean Before

For Green & Clean 2017, Team Metisentry submitted our own project to continue clean up to the outside area surrounding our office space along Maiden Lane. Compared to the state of the space last year, we’ve come quite a ways and enjoy adding a little bit more to the outdoor area every year. Participants received a t-shirt which declares ‘I Make Downtown Beautiful’ which our team proudly wore during our event.

Led by our administrative team, our project took place on Friday, May 19th. Team members swept up the cement area, washed windows and spruced up planters. Only our Hostas survived from last year.  So we added some lovely, lasting, floral arrangements of the artificial variety this time around. Again, we stayed on theme with Metisentry colors. In under two hours our team completed this year’s project. We’re pleased with the results. We enjoy making our Maiden Lane entrance more welcoming for our team members and guests. We will also be receiving a lovely planter this year from the Downtown Akron Partnership to adorn the railing around our entryway.

Metisentry 2017 Green & Clean After

Downtown Akron is our home and we enjoy help make the city we love more beautiful! We look forward to continuing to improve our outdoor space. And to participating in the Green & Clean program for years to come!

Be sure to check out more pictures from our 2017 Green & Clean project on our Facebook page!