Metisentry Welcomes ePolk Clients

We’re excited to announce that Metisentry has acquired Florida-based ePolk.

As one of the oldest technology companies in the Winter Haven, FL area, ePolk has been providing business clients with email, website development and web hosting services since 1991. In order to focus attention on the enhancement and expansion of his WinFactor brand, ePolk founder & president, Michael Kingham conducted a year-long search for a firm that would be “the perfect fit” for their ePolk clients. And they found that fit in the Metisentry team.

Not only does Metisentry provide similar services to support ePolk’s incoming clients but, perhaps even more importantly, we share the same dedication to customer service.

“In a world where customer service levels seem to be dropping across all industries, it’s been a breath of fresh air to see a company in our industry who shares our beliefs, “says Marling Engle, Metisentry Founder & CEO. “We strive to have reliable, well supported services that never go offline. Our customers are businesses and expect that level of reliability. We want to enable them to do their business as efficiently as possible.”

Our team understands that good customer service isn’t just about getting a friendly person on the phone. Good customer service starts with best practices and good processes. Like ePolk, we’re focused on businesses with high service availability needs and demands. We do that through backups, quick and efficient phone & email support and more.

“One of the many great things we’re gaining in this acquisition is the great process ePolk has put together for deploying and maintaining Microsoft Exchange “dual service” hosting environments. We’re excited to merge these best practices into our own,” Engle adds.

What does this acquisition mean to our existing clients? Our datacenter services are growing and our Microsoft Exchange mail offerings are significantly expanding. With the adoption of ePolk’s best practices and support processes, our customer service level will be further streamlined.

As for new clients transitioning from ePolk, they can rest assured they’re in the best hands. They can also expect to find an expanded service offering with Metisentry. We provide additional expertise in WordPress, open source languages, most notably Ruby on Rails, and more.

While the acquisition is officially effective July 1, 2016, the transition is underway. Metisentry and ePolk are working together to ensure a seamless transition.