Regardless of where you are in the funding spectrum, Metisentry can help.

Are you a SaaS business seeking funding? Metisentry is uniquely positioned to help SaaS businesses seeking investment.

Who we help


If you’re just starting, or have an idea for a SaaS app, we can help. With unique products like our "Deck in a Day," we've successfully helped SaaS businesses create and define their vision and build pitches to potential funding sources.

Stage 2

If you've gotten your product off the ground and are seeking funding for the next phase of your growth, the Metisentry Angel Network may be a perfect fit. Click below to begin the next stage in your funding process and begin to grow your SaaS app.

Metisentry Investment Team

The Metisentry Angel Network

Investment Help

The Metisentry Angel Network is a group of independent investors who collect and review investment opportunities for seed and early-stage Software as a Service (SaaS) companies.

Our Objective is to:

Discover and Analyze

We will discover and analyze the potential for partnership with new or early-stage SaaS companies. Metisentry wants to help grow these companies with a blend of capital, expertise, and access to additional resources they might not otherwise have.

Investment Process
for Entrepreneurs


Interested companies reach out to the Metisentry Angel Network.


Discuss and review business and objectives.

Gather Information

Companies are screened, and details gathered for presentation to investment group.


Term review and investment execution.


Selected companies present to investors.

Who else we can help


Metisentry is focused on delivering end-to-end SaaS solutions for new and existing software companies. Whether it's a Ruby on Rails application in need of modernization, or an existing SaaS application that has hit a ceiling, Metisentry offers engineering and business expertise few other SaaS developers can match.

3rd Party Affiliates

If you’re part of an investment group or affiliate, we would love to talk with you about where we may find mutually beneficial opportunities. Metisentry has incubated and invested in several SaaS startups and is now looking to expand its network of investors.

Metisentry is focused on developing a portfolio of SaaS companies with the highest yield, stable cash flows and potential for growth and appreciation. Our investors span the spectrum from subject matter experts, previous SaaS product owners, to purely financial investors.