Infuse Automation
Years Of Experience
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When you put Metisentry Managed Services to work for your business, you infuse automation and over 10 years of open source expertise along with IT infrastructure management services to drive innovation for your business. We provide Enterprise Class, Commercial Grade support for part or all of your Linux environment. Our Managed Service offering can help your business adapt to the changing market and increase productivity and performance.

The Hybrid Environment

A convergence of public, private, virtual cloud and traditional infrastructure is the new norm of enterprise IT. Managing it on your own while keeping up with today’s IT demands can be complex, costly and time consuming.

End-to-end Infrastructure

Our IT Management Services are integrated so you can design, build and run your entire environment as one end-to-end infrastructure. Automation, DevOps and software defined capabilities let you optimize, orchestrate and manage your IT across multiple locations and providers.

Benefits: Cost savings: free up internal staff for strategic work. Enhanced security: avoid a breach or loss of data. Access to new technology: cloud and hosting solutions.


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