Metisentry Will Remain Known as Metisentry

As you may recall, we announced the Metisentry and Pantek merge last month. At the time of the announcement there were no known immediate changes and, for clients, it’s been primarily been business as usual. One major change is now known regarding company names. Both teams will now be known as Metisentry.

Since 1995, Pantek has provided global IT consulting, support, hosting, and software development services. Since 2006, Metisentry has been providing integrated business software, IT security and cloud services. Both companies have deep expertise in IT security and Linux & Open Source platforms. The capabilities between the two companies have been leveraged to create a Northeast Ohio-based technology powerhouse.

The name Metisentry has significant meaning. Metis was the Titan goddess of wise counsel and craftiness. A sentry is one who keeps guard. This represents the direction we see for the company. We envision the combined Metisentry as a company that offers Secure Solutions on Linux and Open Source systems.

What does this mean to you? You may see some items labeled as Pantek and some as Metisentry as we make updates during the transition. If you’re already familiar with the Metisentry name then the name change announcement is confirmation that the Metisentry name will remain. If you’re primarily familiar with the Pantek name then you will start to see more references to Metisentry and less to Pantek. The name transition of Pantek to Metisentry will start with the customer portal, email address and billing statements.

Otherwise, we’re still the same company:

  • Same great service and pricing
  • Same great staff and management teams
  • Same cloud, consulting and software development services
  • No interruptions to any service

The Pantek website will ultimately be merged into the Metisentry website. Over the coming weeks, you may notice some changes to both websites as we go through these updates.

We’re excited to be integrating Metisentry and Pantek, and we look forward to serving you into the future.