Project overview

The 60 minute kids club is a fitness journaling platform for kids to track screentime, hydration, nutrition, sleep, physical activity, and mental health. The platform helps kids make the connection between healthy behavior and their overall well-being. It’s made a profound impact on its users since its launch 2 years ago.

60 Minute Kids Clubs main target audience is kids, kindergarten to grade 8. It was important for the front-end interface to be simple and inviting for kids to use and track their score. Close to 5000 to 10,000 students across Canada — and some cities outside Canada — login at peak times to track their score, so it needed to have the ability to handle the traffic while tracking large amounts of data.

Our team used an extensive User Experience (UX) Design Study to create a platform that’s appealing to kids and informative for parents and teachers. We built a highly-scalable database solution, reporting tools, a Boot-strap-responsive design backend, and a mobile responsive frontend interface. The system and database architect are designed to support the high-traffic and process large amount of data for reporting purposes.

Ongoing management

The kid-friendly, mobile-ready platform is being used around the world in over 400 school across Canada. The 60 Minute Kids Club created an assessment platform that measures Fundamental Movement Skills. The movement skills can be measured and taught as part of a well-rounded childhood education curriculum. The Physical Education grading system provides educators with a more precise physical literacy resource that encourages healthy habits for children.

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