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The Challenge

Content Status, like most SaaS startups, began with a great idea and a single developer. They worked to build a minimal viable product (MVP) which was quickly met with great excitement by brands, retailers, and agencies.  The downside was that the demand sped up the beta timeline, which they couldn’t meet with the lone resource. They needed to find a way to accelerate development to take advantage of the momentum.

About Content Status

87% of consumers rate product content as very important or critical to their ultimate purchase decision, yet the industry still struggles with content. The Content Status application solves this problem by offering brands, retailers, and agencies a way to ensure their SKUs are live, accurate, and optimized without having to manually check each one. When online products are live and the information about them is current and accurate, online buyers have a better experience.

“We believe consumers deserve quality product content that is current, accurate and complete so they can make a confident purchase.”, said George Koenig, Content Status’ Co-Founder and CEO.  “While the content syndication process has gotten a little better, it’s still very much broken which has left brands asking the simplest questions, “Are my products live? How can I compare what’s on the retailer site vs our master version?  How should we make our content better? Are our products showing up in retailer search results?”

Before Content Status, brands and retailers were left with limited choices.  Continue to do nothing, manually spot-check pages, or spend months choosing and then paying $100K for a bloated enterprise solution.  So we radically changed the way brands and retailers audit and fix product content.”

Content Status is the only solution that allows you to sign up and begin collecting insights within fifteen minutes. “Our goal was to make it simple, fast and affordable for companies of all sizes.  Yet, it still needed to provide clarity, transparency, and accountability.”

“Bad content is bad business.  A single brand can lose $100,000 in one week by not knowing which products aren’t live and selling, which products are inaccurate and driving expensive returns, and which products are utilizing incomplete content providing minimum content that is driving much lower conversions.  And this doesn’t take into account the damage to your brand image to both the customer and channel partners.

Value and Results

The Metisentry team delivered the promised features in time for the scheduled demos. The brand and retailer audiences were extremely impressed – and excited – by the thoughtfulness of the solution, the ease of use, powerful insights and impressive workflow. By employing Metisentry’s management and development team, Content Status is now able to showcase an enhanced beta with a more robust feature set to additional potential clients and investors.

“Our beta launch now offers the key functionality that’s attractive to potential customers and investors,” said Koenig. “Metisentry understood the business objectives and used their extensive experience and resources to enhance the features investors and customers wanted to see.”

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