Project overview

Station Check is an electronic automated equipment inspections checklist for first responders. The software allows equipment to be inspected and repaired between calls — what used to take hours, now takes 15-20 minutes. Station Check needed a partner who could build and update their software and improve the experience of their users.

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To tackle this project, we built out and maintain their product. Metisentry manages all of the infrastructure and code base — hosting, scaling, architecture, design, and development. We act as the technical arm of Station Check’s SaaS start-up.

Our process begins with UX consultation. We worked with Station Check to identify the what customers need now and in the future — we translated their business goals into technical solutions. Taking time to dig into the needs of the customer base allows us to design a scalable, user-friendly application.

Once we get a handle on needs and requirements, we build out wireframes for the final product. Those wireframes get vetted from a technical perspective. The backend and data structures are designed to serve the user experience requirements.

By engaging UX early in the process we make sure the architecture fits both immediate and growth needs.

Ongoing management

Our team was instrumental in increasing the functionality of Station Check’s software. By rearranging the way their data is collected and stored, we enabled their product to create the reports their clients need.

We added a custom scheduler, improved usability, and revamped data storage. Our hybrid database structure makes Big Data applications a future possibility.

By creating and maintaining Station Check’s flexible architecture, we set them up to be industry leaders and easily expand into other markets.

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